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Recommended Reading

Recommended Resources:

Men Who Hate Women & The Women Who Love Them
Dr. Susan Forward and Joan Torres

Self-help guide, using extensive case histories and inputs from survivors of abusive relationships. Deals with subjects such as: how and where he gains control; how men learn to hate women and how women learn to love women-haters; preparing for change; taking charge of your anger; getting professional help; knowing when to leave; and finding yourself again.

The Emotionally Abused Woman: Overcoming Destructive Patterns and Reclaiming Yourself
Beverly Engel, M.F.C.C.

Using many examples from her own case histories, this book covers such issues as: recognizing and understanding the abusers in your life; identifying patterns that keep you trapped; completing your unfinished business; deciding whether and when to walk away; healing the damage of abuse by building your self-esteem; breaking the abuse cycle in your life; preparing yourself for the promise of a healthy relationship.

The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize it and Respond
Patricia Evans

This book offers validation and hope for those damaged by verbal abuse
(which is the notorious precursor and/or additional insidious component of
physical abuse). In practical, sensible ways, she explains that you're not alone; it's not all "in your head"; and, she gives practical steps for
changing. This book should be required reading for anyone who can answer yes
to one or more of the following: (1) Does your partner seem irritated or
angry at you several times a week?; (2) Does he deny being angry when he
clearly is?; (3) Do your attempts to discuss your feelings of pain or
emotional distress leave you with the feeling that the issue has not been
resolved?; (4) Do you frequently feel perplexed and frustrated by his
responses, as though you were each speaking a different language?

She gives practical tips for evaluating your own situation and discusses the two kinds of power and realities at play.

Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out
Patricia Evans

A sequel, and must-read follow up to the above. Innumerable vignettes from
survivors underscore the text. You'll learn just how un-alone you are. With
down-to-earth, but skillful precision, she discusses coping, and healing and

Christian Men Who Hate Women
Dr. Margaret J. Rinck

Christian women in abusive relationships face a special set of obstacles than their non-Christian counterparts. This book parallels Susan Forward's Men Who Hate Women. Dedicated to the special needs of the Christian woman, she deals head-on with issues that even the modern church in enlightened countries, want to "sweep under the rug." For those who've been there or who are there, this book with give you the hope and courage you need to face the decisions made much harder by faulty theology, tradition, and the misogyny that even exits among pastors to whom they turn for help.

All of these resources offer further, exhaustive bibliographies of their own.

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