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Documents to Gather When You Leave

It is extremely helpful for you to collect all of the financial information that you can get. This may be needed for proof if your case becomes contested or your spouse will not provide you with any information. This information may include the following:

  • Your most recent income tax return (and your spouse's if you filed separately)
  • The most recent W-2 forms for yourself and your spouse
  • Any other income documents (such as stocks dividends, interest, etc.)
  • Your spouse's most recent pay stub, hopefully showing year-to-date earnings
  • Deeds to real estate and titles to cars, boats, or other vehicles
  • You and your spouse's wills
  • Life insurance policies, stocks, bonds or other investment papers
  • Pension or retirement fund papers and statements
  • Health insurance cards and papers
  • Bank account and/or credit union statements
  • Your spouse's social security number and driver's license number
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of your spouse's employer, and his or her close friends and family members
  • Credit card statements, mortgage documents, and other credit and debt papers
  • Copies of bills or receipts for recurring, regular expenses, such as electric, gas or other utilities, car insurance, etc.
  • Copies of bills, receipts, insurance forms, or medical records for any unusual medical expenses (including recurring or continuous medical conditions) for yourself, your spouse or your children
  • Any other papers showing what you and your spouse earn, own or owe

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